Traffic Offenses / CDL Drivers

Traffic offenses can add points to your license, raise insurance rates, and result in license suspensions. Police officers are sometimes mistaken about what constitutes a traffic infraction. A person accused of an infraction should consult with an attorney to determine if the cost of fighting an improperly issued traffic ticket is worth while. Even if the ticket was properly issued, you may be eligible for a program that keeps the infraction off of your driving record.

Commercial Drivers with CDL’s are subject to harsher penalties for traffic infractions and offenses. A CDL driver will be disqualified from driving for sixty (60) days if the driver has two (2) disqualifying infractions within a three (3) year period. These disqualifying offenses include, without limitation: Speeding excessively (15 over); Reckless Driving; Improper Lane Change; Following Too Closely; etc. A third disqualifying infraction within the three (3) year period will result in a one-hundred and twenty (120) day disqualification.

CDL drivers may be disqualified for longer periods of time for committing major offenses. A first conviction for OWI or chemical test refusal, for example, will result in disqualification for one (1) year. This disqualification is imposed regardless of whether the CDL driver was driving a CMV or his or her personal vehicle. A second conviction results in a lifetime suspension with the possibility of reinstatement after ten (10) years.

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